• Engine Type

    Air-Cooled,Single Cylinder, Carburetor
  • Displacement

  • Max Power

    13.05 HP @ 7500 rpm
  • Max Torque

    13.2 N.m (1.3 kgf.m) @ 6000 rpm
  • Transmission

    5-speed, return
  • Curb Mass

  • Fuel Capacity

  • MSRP*

    Php 130,000

The W175 is the newest additions to the "W" family. Powered by 175cc engines, the W175 offers a strong torque and powerful performance. This is complemented by 5-speed transmission and an engine balancer that was designed to deliver a fun and comfortable ride.

*MSRP may vary depending on region, excludes freight and other charges, and may change without prior notice.

W Heritage

The W175 is the latest model in a brand spanning over 50 years. The sensational 1966 W1, Kawasaki’s original W, was the largest displacement Japanese model of its time, earning Kawasaki worldwide recognition and marking Kawasaki’s first step in becoming a manufacturer of large-displacement motorcycles

Engine with a Presence

With a naked bike, the engine is an important styling element. Large volume and a simple, uncluttered design add to the W175’s presence. Engine fins contribute to the engine’s attractive appearance. All components of the engine are blacked out, creating a high-grade image.

Classic Analogue-Style Speedometer

Simple instrumentation includes a classic analogue style speedometer complemented by an odometer, trip meter and indicator lamps. Like the other models in the W family, a “W” emblem on the speedometer face adds a classy touch.

Relaxed Riding Position

The handlebar, seat and footpegs put the rider in a natural position, contributing to rider comfort and making the W175 ideal for a wide range of riding applications.