• Engine Type

    Liquid-Cooled, Parallel Twin, Fuel Injected
  • Max Power

    52.3 HP @ 10,000 rpm
  • Max Torque

    38.0 N.m @ 8000 rpm
  • Transmission

    6-speed, return
  • Curb Mass

    165 kgs
  • Curb Mass

    165 kgs
  • Fuel Capacity

  • MSRP*

    Php 279,000

The latest addition to Kawasaki’s Z Series, the Z400 was designed to be a real Supernaked machine. Developed in parallel with the Ninja 400; like its Ninja counterpart the Z400 offers supernaked level performance care of a high-performance engine and chassis.

Keeping sugomi performance in mind, both engine and chassis
tuning were optimized for a Supernaked package. Matching its exciting performance, the Z400 is inspired by the sugomi styling of the flagship Z models, all-new bodywork blends the designs of the higher displacement Z models to deliver an aggressive, agile, masculine impression.

Whether deftly navigating the urban jungle or parked strikingly on a
street corner, this lightweight, powerful Supernaked is sure to turn

Assist and Slipper Clutch

Assist Clutch: Increases the pressure applied on the clutch plates, thus decreasing tension on the spring, resulting to a lighter clutch lever pull

Slipper Clutch: Forces clutch hub and plates apart, decreasing torque and preventing rear wheel skidding during engine break

Lightweight Trellis Frame

The Ninja 400 features a trellis frame similar to the Ninja H2. Weighing at only 164 kgs (lighter than the Ninja 300). Its slim design facilitates control and ease of riding, making the Ninja 400 an easy choice for both new and experienced riders